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Welcome to Holistic
Mental Wellness (HMW)

  • We are proud of you for taking one of the most important steps to achieving mental wellness which is seeking help.
  • HMW is here to facilitate your journey to a healthy mind by providing evidence-based treatments utilizing a holistic and supportive approach.
  • Schedule your appointment to experience the care you deserve.
  • Holistic Assessment

    Supportive Psychotherapy


    About Us

    Our Commitment
    to Your Mental

    Holistic Mental Wellness (HMW), PLLC is a telepsychiatry practice that has secure access and is HIPPA compliant, providing convenient, accessible, and quality telehealth services to individuals with mental health issues anywhere in the state of Texas. 

    HMW stands to its promise of providing professional, compassionate, patient-centered, and individualized care to meet the diverse needs of individuals and help them attain their wellness goals. At HMW, patients are sure to find a safe place to communicate and be a part of developing a safe and effective treatment plan that will be followed through to achieve the best outcome. 

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    Our Services – Your
    Path to Wellness

    Psychiatric Assessments


    Medication Management

    Why Choose Us

    Why Holistic
    Mental Wellness?

    Attaining holistic wellness is a journey but one worth taking with HMW because here at Holistic Mental Wellness, PLLC, every individual feels heard and is treated as a person, not a diagnosis. HMW provides top quality care, promotes patient engagement in their treatment, and all services provided are directed towards enhancing patient and clinical experiences.

    • Experienced and compassionate professionals
    • Personalized care plans
    • Convenient telepsychiatry services
    • A safe and non-judgmental space
    • A commitment to your overall well-being
    • Empathic Listening

    Your Safety is
    Our Priority

    • If you feel suicidal or homicidal call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1800 273 8255 OR call or text 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline
    • For Emergencies call 911 or go to the nearest ER
    • For 24/7 support and Substance Use Helpline call  866-210-1303


    Telepsychiatry is telemedicine that is focused on the delivery of quality psychiatric services through real-time interactive videoconferencing. Telepsychiatry breaks barriers to care and increases access to mental care which is an essential part of attaining holistic wellness.

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